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Landfill Lawsuit Granada Hills

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Join the Fight for Environmental Justice by Referring Family, Friends, and Coworkers to Enroll in the Los Angeles County Landfill Lawsuits.

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Thank you for completing the initial step to file your case claim in the Chiquita Canyon and Sunshine Canyon landfill lawsuits. If your work, home, or parcel of land address meets the radius criteria of either landfill, you can expect to receive the Landfill Retainer Agreement email within one week of submitting the form. Sign the agreement with DocuSign and send it back to Keosian Law LLP to complete the enrolment process. You will then receive a certificate of completion summarizing the names of each person enrolled. If you do not hear from us within a week, please email us at Enroll@landfillcase.com

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Please invite family, friends, and coworkers living or working in the affected areas to fill out the enrollment form.

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